being german is hard uguise

it's goethe! look him up, he's great!

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green-eyed-chinchila asked: anyone who did not think CARGLASS REPARIERT - CARGLASS TAUSCHT AUS after seeing the Seitenbacher Bergsteigermüsli meme is a lying lier (or probably not, in which case I admire your strength and resistance :D )



Filed under germany pls reply tag green-eyed-chinchila reply BUT NOTHING WILL EVER BE AS BAD AS MÖMAX which totally sounds like müllmax btw but another classic: REWE IMMER DISCOUNTGÜNSTIG UND MARKTFRISCH SUPER DIESER MARKT

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Anonymous asked: JON *SCHNEE*


One of the worst things, really. Watching the German dub of GoT makes me SO MAD!

Not only Jon Schnee (which remains the worst), but





Lennister (just… why the “e”, why)

- Urania ♥

edit by stina: I rather like “Königsmund”, although I completely agree about the other names

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Anonymous asked: Ich finde du solltest in Deutsch und Englisch antworten - das wäre doch irgendwie sympathisch wenn auf einer Seite über das Deutschtum auch irgendwas in Deutsch wäre.

nah, considering one of my biggest pet peeves is people writing something in one language and then adding THE EXACT SAME TEXT in another language underneath idt I’m going to do that, ever. especially since everyone will be able to understand the english anyways, what’s the use of writing it in german too (besides being extremely irritating to read)

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Anonymous asked: Why do you always answer in English even when someone sends you an ask in German?

because on the internet we’re a lot more comfortable speaking english. fun fact: urania and I always always speak english with each other and feel really weird about using german. we’ve had several conversations about how weird it will be to use german when we finally meet irl.

also because I want everyone to be able to understand my answer.

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