being german is hard uguise

it's goethe! look him up, he's great!

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Marcus Wiebusch - Der Tag wird kommen (The day will come)

Marcus Wiebusch (some of you may know him as the singer of Kettcar) released a music video for his song Der Tag wird kommen a few days ago. The song and video deal with homophobia in football and detail the struggle a gay professional footballer has to cope with. 

Even if you don’t understand German, the video alone is definitely worth your time! 

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Anonymous asked: I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or something but I hate it when people are from a certain region/Bundesland and don't speak the dialect... I'd rather be speaking an accent/dialect that people don't like than just plain old standard German (so boring, come on)

well some of us didn’t get a choice, a lot of young people aren’t taught the dialect anymore, we can understand it, because our grandparents speak it exclusively, but our parents spoke standard german with us instead of the dialect, so the only thing surviving are region-specific words etc

my potential children for example won’t be able to understand the dialect their great-grandparents spoke simply because I cannot teach them

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Anonymous asked: when were talking about accents, I'm so glad i speak normal Hochdeutsch because I live in Hessen and hässisch is literally the worst accent (apart from maybe sachsen xd) also in the post about dirndls you mentioned that you would never wear your real traditional dress or something like that, are there other traditional clothes apart from dirdl or did i just get that wrong? :/

well there’s a lot of trachten all over. the region I am from originally doesn’t really have a tracht anymore and my favorite favorite favorite trachten, the ones from amrum and föhr, I’d never wear because they’re not ‘mine’, I have no connection and no right to them

also man you’re so lucky I am answering this & not urania iirc she quite likes her accent/dialect

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Anonymous asked: But you know what the worst thing is? All these people trying to sound bavarian. That is a laguage with its own vocabulary and grammar and rather difficult to speak since it sounds very different from german. So please just speak normal

ok but consider all these people at karneval trying to speak kölsch

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Anonymous asked: it's actually a really important thing for bavarians, because each different Gau (region) has their own design and its own background. So a lot of bavarians hate them and that's why they always seem so grumpy

see I consider the dirndl so commercialized at this point that I wouldn’t feel bad about wearing one whereas I would never ever wear my actual favorite tracht

but a dirndl? come on you guys if the rest of germany has to deal with everyone in the world thinking we’re all bavarian at least let us have this

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Anonymous asked: Do you at least know the difference between a mainstream girly bullshit Dirndl and a Trachtndirndl?

I’m guessing one looks cheap & one doesn’t but honestly I don’t actually care

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